Managing Childcare just a click away...

The EZChildTrack software provides comprehensive tools to manage the data that is essential to your childcare business - child data, family data, site operation data, and financial data. All the information you need, real-time, at your fingertips.

Secure web based access allows site coordinators and directors to make better operational decisions. Comprehensive reporting tools, provides real time data for better management decision making.

Online payment lowers the cost of billing and receivables, reduces delinquencies, and shortens payment cycle times.
How Our Childcare Management
Reduces Your Cost
All-in-One System
  • Data Management
  • Family and child data
  • Attendence Tracking
  • Parent portal
  • Accounting software
  • Agency accounting
  • Staff data
    • Simplify monitoring of child and family data.
    • Improve decision making at head office and central level.
    • Reduce cost of billing and receivables.
    • Increase parent involvement through online parent access.
    • Lower your cost of ownership.
    • Complete web based application with realtime data reporting.